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About Us

At pure | simple LIVING, our mission is to help families try to live a greener and more sustainable lifestyle by offering earth-friendly products for everyday use.

Living green does not have to mean making big sacrifices. Every small change we make in the right direction counts in our collective effort to minimize our impact on the environment. And we believe that we can all make small changes, one change at a time. While we advocate reducing consumption (of everything) and reusing what we already own, when we do need to buy something new, we can choose an earth-friendly option which, most often, tends to be the human-friendly option as well.

We are proud to be Canadian so we make a conscious effort to buy local and to support Canadian businesses; we believe that local is always best, not only for the environment but for the economy. When we can't find a Made in Canada solution, we strive to be socially responsible and ensure that our suppliers follow ethical (sweatshop-free, fair trade) business practices, particularly when it comes to overseas manufacturing.

We only select the best ecologically minded products we can find, products that are safe for us, our families and the earth. Think of us as the first stop on your journey to reducing the size of your footprint on our planet.

Be kind to your environment and it will be kind to you!


We are a small company run by a typical young Canadian family trying to reduce our carbon footprint. We have been working hard to change our consumer lifestyle one change at a time. In doing so, we realized that it was not always an easy task. We decided to launch pure | simple LIVING to help make the change in lifestyle as simple as possible for other families.

We have brought together our favourite products from across the country, products that are safe for our children and kind to our planet. As we are always researching new products and concepts for our store, please come back often! We hope you enjoy browsing the pages of pure | simple LIVING. Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated - we are always trying to improve.